Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Remind Me

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God." Psalm 42:5

Ever have one of those days where you just can't stop thinking about a troublesome situation? Today is such a day for me.
My friend made a poor choice that will have pretty intense consequences. The tough thing about it, is that I saw it coming. I did pray. I should have said something, asked questions, held her accountable as she asked me to. But I didn't ask the tough questions. I was afraid. I'm not blaming myself for her choices. I just hurt for her and wish I had been a better friend.

I know why my soul is downcast and disturbed. However, I'm not sure that is what this verse is really getting at. The more I read this scripture, the more I hear this as a rhetorical question. As if I needed to ask myself "what business have I to be so bummed out and down?!".

And then, it remindes me why I don't need to be so upset: Hey Juls! PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD! He is in control. He really does have an uncanny knack for bring beauty from ashes, doesn't he? He can put things right! All is not lost.

And it calls me back to the radical truth that saved my soul to begin with: He is my Savior! HE is my hope! This is The One who called dry bones into a mighty army! This is The One whom has conquered death and hell! "Is anything to hard for Him?!?!"

Finally, it draws me back to an attitude of worship and humility as I praise Him for being all we will ever need. And I am left with an exhilarating expectation of what He's going to do next. :)

After-all, my hope isn't found in my righteous. My joy isn't contingent on things being "right." My hope, my joy and my life is found in the righteousness, the mercy, the forgiveness and the unconditional love of my Jesus.
He is our Deliverer and I will yet praise Him!


  1. And as we watch those we love make choices that are out of God's perfect will, we share in Christ's sufferings because that is exactly why He died to begin with! And, as He sits on the throne, He sees us do the very thing He hung for. But oh for Grace and Victory! Praise Jesus! It's just like you said, His righteousness!
    Still praying for your friend...and for your heart as it hurts for her. <3
    P.S. Thank you for your prayers for mi familia! :)

  2. Prayers to your friend Julie! Praise the loving Father, He will guide your friend out of the troubles!

  3. It is hard to watch people we love struggle and stumble but it is also in those places that God often does the greatest work in us. I love that he takes our biggest messes and ugliest sin and turns them into beautiful things when we love him. May He be glorified in your friends life as he completes the work He has begun.
    PS...Way to be bloggin' girlfriend!

  4. Hey "Blog-Sista"!!! The Lord was showing me this same similar thing this morning as I was praying for my family. Sometimes I hold back from "Speaking the truth in love" for fear of the response I might recieve. And the Lord showed me not to fear "Man" but to fear Him") And He was so gracious to show me that He hears when my heart cry's out for those I love and I can trust Him for them") I will be praying for your friend and for your heart too")