Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Destined for Greatness

My daughter and I read Akiane's story today. It's the story of a child prodigy of art and poetry; of a child who gives all glory to God for her unique giftings. It's pretty darn inspiring, to say the least. CaraBeth immediately headed to her easel where she began painting, and I was compelled to pursue all my giftings at once!

When I see the beauty others create, I want to take part. It's written in our DNA to be co-laborers with Jesus. (Think about Adam's first job!) The creative process, be it with paints, or words or numbers, is designed to bring us pleasure. Our pleasure gives our Papa God pleasure. It's really an incredible thing He's got going for us here!

Stories of greatness inspired us because we are all called to greatness. Wouldn't it be awesome if we chose to walk in that beauty instead of constantly reminding ourselves of our weakness and failures?! I challenge you to ask the Lord to show you your potential for greatness. Just remember, ALL beauty exists to bring Him glory!


  1. I find myself communing with God whenever I write my poetry, walk in nature, or take pictures! I am most at ease when I do these.

  2. So apparently THIS POST is why I haven't thought to ask you where your blog was located until now. This is so perfect for where I am right now. Literally! I am at my computer (clearly ;)) editing pictures of a sweet newborn I had the absolute JOY of photographing last night and thinking about how much I really just LOVE taking baby pictures, all the sweet little details all over these little bodies that SCREAM God's creativity, beauty, incredible-ness. And I love to be able to bless their mommies and daddies with the pics, so when their little ones aren't so little any more, they can look back and remember. Thanks for writing this!!